Contains ALL wire rope strands and fittings required for 1 section of cable railing.


Designer Series™ by PARALUX Railing Systems

Cable railing infill kit for wood post systems with 36" high handrail. 


Each kit contains all of the strands of cable and all fittings you will need for a single run of your cable railing project. 

Visit our calculating your needs page for info on calculating the length of kit you will needs. 


Each kit for FLAT runs will contain 11 strands of cable.

Each kit for STAIR runs will contain the following:

30 & 32 degree stairs: 10 strands

34 & 36 degree stairs: 9 runs

38 degree stairs: 8 runs


*If your project contains runs outside of the options available in the drop down menu, please feel free to email us at or call us at 1-814-205-6156.

COMPLETE 36" Cable Railing Infill Kit For Wood Posts