How to Order Your

Cable Railing System

New to cable railing? We got you. Below is a list of considerations to make before you order your cable railing. 

Step 1:
Decide what type of posts you want.

Metal Posts​

Wood Posts

  • We offer IPE 4x4" posts, but you can utilize any 4"x4" wood posts at your local lumber yard. In fact, going local may save you hefty freight costs.

Existing Posts 

Step 2: Determine if you want to utilize intermediate pickets, or just posts.
  • Whether you're using metal or wood posts, posts need to be spaced no more than 4' apart. You can either use posts every 4', or you can alternate posts with our intermediate pickets. 

Step 3: Decide on a cable thickness. 
  • We offer 3/16" and 1/8" diameter cable for infill.

  • We recommend 3/16" because it is easier to work with, and does not stretch out as much over time. 

Step 4: Decide on a handrail.

If using wood posts:

  • We offer matching IPE 2x4" handrails for with wood post systems. You may also use any 2x4" from your local lumber yard (we recommend a harder wood like IPE). 

If using metal posts:

  • We recommend our thermally modified ash 1x2" handrail, or mahogany 1x2" handrail. 

  • We also after 1x2" stainless steel handrail, but note it is trickier to install because you will need to cut and miter it yourself. 

Step 5: Calculate Your Needs.
  • Visit our step by step instructions on determining the what you need for your project. 

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